About the Summit

The global AI market is expected to reach an impressive $267 Billion by 2027, with the majority of leading multinational companies already making use of AI to improve their organization, or utilizing it as a core pillar of their business.

With the unique events of the past year, a singular opportunity presents itself for key organizations in the public and private sector alike, to transform their business strategies and incorporate a futuristic and data-centric approach.

To provide an opportunity for the key players in the region to meet, network, and exchange ideas on implementing AI, Big Data and other Emerging Technologies, the AI & Big Data Summit Middle East is taking place on 8 - 9 June 2021 in Dubai.

The Summit will bring together visionary governmental decision-makers, international trailblazers, regional market-leaders with innovative consultants and pioneering technology providers to cement the Middle East’s leading role in technological implementation across industries.

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